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To embrace or not to embrace ?

FROM a sweet, shy Crab, I am now a socialable, fleeting Twin. My ideal careers are now centred in the media industry and one that brings me to the public eye, as opposed to the eccentric artist and florist that I believe I should have been. My lucky stones are no longer pearls and rubies, as topaz and emeralds should serve me with better wealth and health. Astronomer Parke Kunkle says that due to changes in the Earth's alignment, the dates of many zodiac signs have changed and additionally, there may be a 13th sign: Ophiuchus. The revelation may come as a shock to many who will discover they have been reading the wrong star sign their entire lives.

So just like that, my husband and mom who've been Aries are now Pieces, and I am a Gemini - a star sign that's been my least favourite. I wouldn't have minded being a Leo or a Scorpio, but a Gemini after all these years ? I cannot fathom the thought, but I'm also strangely relunctant to deny seeing the most part of me under the sign. With the discovery, some things - character flaws and traits are beginning to make sense concerning certain people surrounding me, including myself. Perhaps it's just an excuse I give myself for the conflicting personalities that I see in me. Or maybe there are so many sides to a person, and a stereotype of a star sign manipulates him phycologically to only see the traits that are general to a sign. As a dreamy teenager, indulging in star signs was romantic but as I got older, it took a backstand in my list of interests.  Today, I look at it with a pinch of salt, fleeting between believing and disbelieving every now and then. It doesn't matter, really.

The new line-up
I admit that I am drawn to a few traits under the Geminian personality claims - traits that I could've never related to a Cancerian, traits that had had me in a confusion over the years I'd shown interest in astrology. For an instance, a cancerian being an emotional wreck with his erratic mood swings, or being a nurturing Mother Theresa for those in need. I have my mood swings like everyone else, but I am also capable of being really happy for a substantial part of a year with the little things that I have and do. As for the selfless and nurturing side, I do go the extra mile for those who matter, but I also believe in caring for myself before the world. So I could be impersonal and independent with a want to live life on my own terms - not quite a Cancerian, is it ?  

Local newspapers and magazines here are still carrying the horoscope that we are familiar with. My friends and acquainstances are convicted they are what they have been all these years. The believers defiantly go by their old signs, but the change has little or no meaning to non-believers. My husband laughed when I first told him about the changes. A skeptic in the matters of astrology and a believer of astronomy, Aloy never saw how celestial bodies could give clues to personality traits. However, a friend who shares the same birth date as my husband, is a staunch believer of it all, and she sees herself as a true Arien. While the horoscope change was humurous for Aloy, it was a horror-scope for my friend.

I wouldn't know if changes in the horoscope is something welcoming, but it sure is a big deal if it can turn one's world up site down. Think of all those who have had permanent zodiac markings on their skin! Removing tattoes, I hear, is a nasty process. Or those who have invested on lucky gem stones. Diamonds and rubies, which are on top of the Moh's scale of hardness, cost a big fortune.

So what's the deal like with the change ?
To embrace or not to embrace ?


  1. I too am a non-believer in astrology.... but seriously, I have trouble accepting the identity shift (from scorpio to libra). I am soooo... not a Libra.

  2. haha... like anonymous, I'm a non-believer too. But make me a Leo instead of a Virgo? No way.


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