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You know You Could Die of Mercury Poisoning

A Happy New Year to all!
It's been a while since I wrote here, but that's only because I've been lazy on a 3-week holiday and when that was up, getting back to work needed some re-adjusting. My life seems to take the same pattern again, and that means I should continue with my postings.

At work, the year kicked off with lots of food, followed by a product launch at a slimming centre. It defeats science, really. Years of stubborn fats and spare tyres easily 'melted' away by a machine that works through sound waves. One month is all it takes to get into shape. Women who run these machines can't string a proper sentence in English or Malay to explain the product, procedures or its side effects, yet there are hundreds who strip at their strange hands and technology to make way for slim-dom. Despite whatever Oprah says, being skinny or at least slim still seems to be the way to go. I've never realized just how many take the easy way out via slimming centres. Most people I know are still sweating it out at the gyms, hoping on their trainers to fix them into a Kate Moss. It takes time and will power, but,I've seen it happen, and hope more people would follow the safer, organic path. (Btw, I'm not saying I'd never try a slimming centre in desperate times. I haven't so far).  

Talking about being organic, I went for an organics skincare launch yesterday. Esmeria Organics (EO) is formulated by a Malaysian company and certified by EcoCert, a French-based international organic certification body. The event, which was held at the Bayan Indah Culinary Resort in Kg. Pencala, was a long one, but since it provided a hands-on experience at Rohani Jelani's outdoor kitchen, I was not complaining.

Some products
Under the supervision of EO's people, we cooked our own mosturising cream. Ingredients measured and laid out in multi-sized bicars, we followed intructions to cook and mix. It felt like a chemistry project - all clinical, except that I dipped my finger into a freshly cooked batch to check on its consistency. In the process, we also broke a thermometer that got the magazine lady next to me in a frenzy, fearing mercury poisoning. It took her a while to calm down and come out from shielding behind me. So it's okay for me to die of mercury poisoning. LOL. Anyways, it wasn't mercury afterall and she was relieved.

Lady: Oh, it's not mercury, Thank God! You know you could die of mercury poisoning.

Me: I do. I eat lots of fish.

Adding scent to our concoction was the best part. That's when I went crazy, taking a whiff of all essential oils before deciding on the same old scents that I already have at home. When completed, I had a jar of Peppermint/ Geranium-scented cream for myself and a few Geranium-scented ones for some friends. Labelling was fun too since I got to mention that I hand-made it.

Getting it in the jar

The essential oils

Final product and labelling
It also made sense when they told us that our hand-made product would expire in a month given the conditions under which it was cooked. Finger dippings, coughs and sneezes, unsteriled hands, the open air kitchen were some environmental factors contributing to the short shelf life. Meanwhile,the plant-packed products has a shelf life of 3 years. In the end, I went home with two bags of skin and haircare products courtesy of EO. Too many for a person's use, I should really look up the birthday list for the next birthday boy or girl. 

Below are some little wonders I discovered while wandering around the lovely culinary resort. First is a pic of an iguana and the next is of the fattest cat I've ever seen. It must've been having a great resort life.


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