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Running With Christmas In The Heart

WHEN it comes to running, I will always have Bob Dylan's Christmas In The Heart album to thank for. It's weird I know, but I must've listened to it like 10,000 times(since it was released in Oct 2009), sometimes over and over again, during long runs. Despite it being a Christmas album, I love running with Christmas In The Heart all year round simply because the country-style, jolly music gets me happy, and against Dylan's slow pace, I feel like a galloping horse as I run.

Running never came easy to me. I am still a new runner, since I only began early last year, however, I've improved so much to my surprise. Intially, I struggled even with 10 minutes of  running, but persistance won me over. I ran almost everyday, and pushed myself to run a minute or two longer each time. My friend Reeni, who is an avid runner, sometimes ran along and gave me tips. We ran at the gym, different parks and terrains. Over the months, I went from 10 mins to an hour, and sometimes longer. By December 2009, I was completely at ease running, and Dylan's album just helped me to find my pace. With short, low-impact strides, I may be a slow runner. The timing may be unimpressive but I am glad I could run. Running helps me cope better with my asthma (which I got when I turned 30), and arthritic pains (I've had it since I was a kid). I guess, feeling healthy is a great gift. 

Some of my race bibs
While I was in Doha, Qatar with my husband last Christmas, I promised myself that I'd take part in at least one run in the following year. This year end, I am glad to have completed 4 runs - Energizer Night Run 10km, The Pacesetter's New Balance 15km, SP Setia 10km and the Shape Night Run 12km. I've dropped out of a fifth 10km run due to a minor knee injury after a fall the night before the event in October.  

During the runs, I've had Dylan's Christmas album with me from the start to the finish line, to keep me in the zone.


  1. Omg u poor thing! Arthritic pains since young??? Asthma at 30? What r those odds?!!

  2. Hi Karen ! It's manageable, just hv to watch what I eat for the pains. It started off as bronchial asthma...nvr had asthma so didn't know what I had. Docs I saw were dumbasses. Haze made it worse. Then got treated in Ipoh. By then I was quite sick, took me some months to recover. Was inhaling steroid for some months, daily. Now way better. Only sometimes, when chest is tight :) it helps

  3. I didn't know Dylan released a Christmas album

  4. His only Xmas album. Good one.

  5. All of these posts about running definitelty reminds me i have to pursue fitness this year.


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