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From Doha, With Love : A Total Make-Up Blunder

DO you know how it feels to be on an 8-hour flight and suddenly realise that you've forgotten to pack something you can't live without? Well, I do. It's an engulfing, horible feeling of regret and stupidity, and you wish you were more careful in packing your stuff. That's exactly how I felt when I was above the clouds, flying across the Indian Ocean en route to Doha, Qatar to my husband, when I couldn't recall placing my make-up pouch into my luggage. Now, that's a total make-up blunder. Buying a whole new set of make-up isn't fun when you're on a holiday because...

a)It's EXPENSIVE. An entire range including a good mosturiser or foundation, face powder, concealer and blusher is dear. You wouldn't want to end up spending all your money on things you already have at home.
b) It's NOT EASY to find something that suits you well, especially in Doha. You'd be surprised to learn that some brands you are used to, are probably not heard of in some countries, so, you may need to look around and test a few products to get the best. 
c) It's a TIRING process. Sourcing out is always tiring, more so, if you need them badly.

But I had no choice. After landing in Doha yesterday, my husband and I went to the Villagio mall, located at the West end of Doha. It's one of my favourite places in the city, and undoubtedly, the best mall in Qatar. Although it's nothing to look at from the outside, it's a pretty place in the inside. The high ceiling is painted to represent a cheery, blue sky on a sunny day - much like my blog template, and there is a grand canal that runs through the mall. There are electric gondolas to offer rides for visitors at a price. To connect shoppers from one side to the other, there are also a few bridges. Different areas of the mall, also represent the different times of a day. So you have the sunset, night with street lights (first pic, below)and day sky. The concept feels very much like Venice.  

A section at the Villagio 
The Villagio

In terms of labels, you can find a variety of British and  American brands. Of course, there are many high-end boutiques too. Think Vertu, Versace, D&G, and the likes. For entertainment, there is a 13 screen IMAX 3D cinema, an ice-skating rink near the foodcourt, and indoor theme park area, with a Ferris-Wheel, Roller Coaster and other rides. There is even a Go-Kart circuit in the mall for adults (with a temperature like 55deg during summer peaks, I guess indoor gaming areas make sense).

 Anyways, make-up hunting wasn't fun. I was tired from much travelling in the last 24 hours, and shopping for essentials at a new place didn't help. But I shopped, and while at it, I discovered the magical Guerlain Terracota Tinted Mosturiser (in Brunettes). It's lovely and I may even have found an alternative to my very trusted Laura Mercier Tinted Mosturiser, which I've been using for 6 years now. Since I don't use foundations, tinted mosturisers are the best option. It gives a sheer coverage and a glowing face.

I also grabbed a MAC blusher in Desert Pink, eye shadow in Rule matte, Revlon Grow Luscious mascara, Sephora Matifying compact powder, Max Factor liquid eye-liner, and some Make-Up Factory brushes.

Yet, a blunder is still a blunder. I want my make-up pouch!

My purchase


  1. It's alright my dear, juz a make-up...not something which u cannot find over there...u'v got new ones now...cheep up! Sumathi

  2. thats true. thanks, :)
    happy new year to you.

  3. Hmmm....musta been the lack of crabs on the dinner table on sunday night...LOL!

  4. seriously Ben. i was just very tired and distracted when i got home that day. just wanted to stay back in KL for a couple of days to rest before Doha.

  5. I'd rather go bare faced than shop in a mall after an 8 hour flight

  6. how much are the mac cosmectics there? lets say a regular lipstick?or a blush? thnx

    1. its about USD 27 for a lipstick ?


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