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My Karma Kamet

CONSIDERING my big love for essential oils, I know meeting Karma Kamet (KK) was destiny. My first encounter with this Thai label of aromatherapy product is like a brief introduction to a friend's friend who'd later turn out to be someone you wake up next to quite regularly. I walked into a KK kiosk at a mall in Petaling Jaya about two years ago. Well, the products then were impressive - high grade essential oils, but the collection seemed pretty scarce with stupid price tags on them. So I didn't bother following up until a few days ago when I bumped into KK at its homeland, in its full range and glory! 

The KK oils are super awesome with a capital W. Like Wow. So spending time at the KK store in the Central World mall in Bangkok was a bliss. Not only are the products much cheaper there, the place is a total retreat too. On one side is the store where there are all kinds of products ranging from scented candles, perfume oil mist, pure essential oils, soaps, oil sprays, herbal inhalers and more. The experience here is like sending your senses on a holiday to the Himalayas. Scents from testers and oil burners are stress-busting and the small, tastefully designed space in a dark theme is all meant for a retreat. Five minutes here and you'd feel like buying each of everything that's on sale. 

Karma Kamet store connects to the tea salon 

The store connects to the cashier and tea salon on the other side. Here, you have teas and cakes. Although this little place is located at the centre of the biggest mall in South East Asia, you don't feel the buzz around you. All that scent kind of keeps you in this nice bubble of another world as you relax and tea. I like it better here than Harrods and TWG tea rooms mainly for its environment. 

Three days in Bangkok, I must've visited the store like three times. It was the only place I went to in that mall and I'm happy because every time I stick my head into the paper bag containing my purchases, I'm inclined to think that it smells like the sacred centre of an ancient temple. It even makes me less angry towards the stupid guidelines for the gay and lesbian 'symptoms' endorsed by the Malaysian Education Ministry recently!  

(from left) Herbal inhaler in Southern China Mandarin, perfume oil in Musk, oil mist  Aram and Gul,  essential oil blends in Joy and pure essential oil Eucalyptus.

Most of what I bought are oils including two bottles of perfume oil mist. Azra, you'd totally love Gul, which is Moroccon Otto of Rose and East Indian Sandalwood mix, and Juliette, I think you'd be easily seduced by Aram, a combination of Indian Amber and Lavender. 



  1. This product sounds amazing Jaya! I have to take frequent baths now and this seems awesome, I love these kind of oils and wish I had some now!

  2. Uh-oh, the Malaysian education minister thinks having a muscular body is a sign of gayness. I think someone's been watching gay porn in his spare time.

  3. Sounds like you found a place that smells great at least haha


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