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The Agate Daisies

THERE is something therapeutic about wire works. Everytime I sit down to bend and shape wires, I am thrilled at how beautiful they can be when tastefully crafted. Seeing that always leaves me with a high that makes me feel like I'm an artisan, and that's very inspiring. For Julie's necklace, I was toying around with some wires when this idea of combining shaped wires and beads turned up. I experimented with some coppery wires and a variety of stones including pearls, turqoise and glittery crystals till I found these gorgeous flower-shaped black agates at my beading school. When I saw those, I also saw Julie's necklace right away. I love the glossy black stones, and in such daisy shapes, they look like dark herbal candies. Sweet. So I made Julie some Agate Daisies.

The daisy earrings
Making this piece was so much fun. In fact, I rushed home by day end just so I could begin working on it. Snipping silvery wires with a cutter and using a wire-shaping plier, I curled each piece into a rim, making loops at the opposite ends for looping purposes. Once done, I connected the curly rims with daisy agates to form a necklace than ran from the nape of the neck and dropped just above the clavicle. It's an elegant piece. I don't usually wear jewellery but when I do, I wouldn't mind wearing this one. I simply can't resist the floral shapes!  


  1. Hey...dis is really beautiful...Sumathi

  2. thanks :) hope Julie likes it too.

  3. Very nice. Weren't you thinking about white for her originally?

  4. Thanks. I was thinking white pearls but when I started working on it, something like this felt right.


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